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*** Price: 0.005 BTC for all firmware versions ***

Payment process overview

Payment with Bitcoin is a procedure taking the following 3 steps:

  1. Checking stock and choosing quantities to calculate the total price in Bitcoins
  2. Entering shipping address, email address for notifications, and proving you're not a robot
  3. Submitting the form and obtaining a new Bitcoin address where your payment will need to be sent to
  4. Transferring Bitcoins using tools not related to this website and waiting for email notifications and delivery

If you're new to Bitcoin, you can either:

There also exists a technical article about how Bitcoin really works.

Order form

1. Enter the quantity of Emutag Emulators with each firmware version you wish to purchase, and click "Calculate".

Unit price:  0.005 BTC
Stock:       0
Firmware (emulated tag)Quantity
MIFARE Ultralight
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (20-page version)
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (41-page version)
NTAG213 (recommended by cgrillo)

2. Enter your shipping address including first and last name, and country.

This will be copy-pasted onto the package label.

3. Enter your email address to receive the shipping notification.

Shipping to certain countries includes a tracking number, which will be sent in the notification email.

4. Prove you're not a robot.

Please type the digits you see into the text box below.


If you have any problems with your payment, please contact me at alexey.lt@gmail.com